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Bacterial, archaea, and eukaryote diversity in planktonic and sessile communities inside an abandoned and flooded iron mine (Quebec, Canada). Elise Lhoste, Francis Comte, Kevin Brown, Alain Delisle, David Jaclin, Violain Ponsin, Maikel Rosabal, and Cassandre S. Lazar. Applied Microbiology.

Seasons influence the native gut microbiome of lake trout Salvelinus namaycush. Pascale Savard, Tim Fernandes, Amy Dao, Bailey McMeans, and Cassandre S. Lazar. Applied Microbiology.


From recharge, to groundwater, to discharge areas in aquifer systems in Quebec (Canada): shaping of microbial diversity and community structure by environmental factors. Karine Villeneuve, Michel Violette, and Cassandre S. Lazar. Genes.


Ecological processes differ in community assembly of Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukaryotes in a biogeographical survey of groundwater habitats in the Quebec region (Canada). Benjamin Groult, Pascal Bredin, and Cassandre S. Lazar. Environmental Microbiology.

Laboratory-controlled experiments reveal microbial community shifts during sediment resuspension events. Alexis DesRosiers, Nathalie Gassama, Cécile Grosbois, and Cassandre S. Lazar. Genes, 13:1416.

From surface to subsurface: diversity, composition, and abundance of sessile and endolithic bacterial, archaeal and eukaryotic communities in sand, clay and rock substrates in the Laurentians (Quebec, Canada). Julia Meyer, Sheri, Zakhary, Marie Larocque, and Cassandre S. Lazar. Microorganisms, 10:129.

Response of prokaryotic communities to freshwater salinization. Jean-Christophe Gagnon, Louis Astorg, Alison Derry, and Cassandre S. Lazar. Applied Microbiology, 2:330-346.


Effects of freshwater salinization on a salt-naïve planktonic eukaryotic community. Louis Astorg, Jean-Christophe Gagnon, Cassandre S. Lazar, and Alison Derry. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.

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